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Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System

Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System

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Achieve healthy, strong, and lustrous nails with Dr. Dana’s signature product!

TREAT DAMAGED NAILS: Some nail care products like gel nail polish leave nails brittle and prone to breaks. Our 3-step weekly treatment hydrates, exfoliates and strengthens nails. It includes glycolic prep for nail exfoliation, a priming wand to remove damaged nail cells, and a hydrating nail and cuticle oil, which contains a natural nail strengthener.

FAST AND EASY: This kit for cracked natural nails can treat 10 nails in 10 minutes, with INSTANT RESULTS. Our nail treatment leaves nails smoother and is a must-have for your travel essentials.

GLOSSY FINISH: Our nail repair is not a polish. It DRIES GLOSSY, won't chip, and doesn't require removal. The kit lasts for 3 months with typical use. The equivalent of 12 weekly manis or pedis at the salon!

DEVELOPED BY A DOCTOR: Our nail care products were formulated by a leading dermatologist. Dr. Dana Stern is the only dermatologist in the US who devotes her entire practice to the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of nails.

NATURAL NAIL REPAIR KIT: Our plant-based nail repair and brittle nail treatment contains glycolic acid (derived from sugarcane) to exfoliate dry and damaged nails. This nail strengthener is free from artificial fragrances, dyes, alcohol and parabens.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
suzanne robinson
Great product

My nails were peeling, weak and a mess. I have tried many products but no improvement. Then I tried Dr Dana Renewal System and my nails are improving. I am so glad that I found her product on your web site. Thank you!

Sharon Martin
Renewal that Works

My nails have not chipped or broken since the two weeks I have been using Kr. Dana’s system.

Carolyn Nolte

My nails are still very weak splitting.

Kathy Harrison

Dont see any difference in my nails. Have had 2 split and break since using.

Mrs. Ivey

Too early to tell if this product is good. My nails started breaking and/or chipping shortly before I started Dr. Dana’s Nail Renewal and have continued breaking while using the product. It’s been 15 days since starting the renewal system and my hope is for my situation to improve before I’m done with the product.

  • AMP – 5/5 Stars

    I cannot say enough good things about this "nail system." I have always had nails which peel and split...besides sewing and quilting, I am in the hot tub almost every day and regularly wash the dishes by hand, etc. My nails didn't have a chance...until I began to use this system six months ago. With two weeks, I noticed a significant strengthening and smoothing and of the nails and have never had a problem since...except when they grow too long and I need to cut them!! :)

  • Maria B. – 5/5 Stars

    My dermatologist recommended I try this treatment and I hesitated due to the price, but I went for it. It has turned out to be exactly what I needed. My nails were weak brittle and unhealthy. Using this product for 2 months changed the quality of my nails completely. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

  • bunnycrazy – 5/5 Stars

    My nails split and peel and nothing helps, but this product when I am vigilant and use it regularly improves the nails. I am able to get mine to grow and improve in appearance and not break quiet as easily.

  • P. Lowder – 5/5 Stars

    Until about 3 years ago, I always had great nails. My nails started peeling and splitting and even though I was taking biotin nothing seemed to help, until I found Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System. In as little as 2 months, my nails are strong and not splitting any longer. I would be so bummed if I could no longer find this system.

  • Lisa D. – 5/5 Stars

    I really like this Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System. I use it once a week so it should last a good while. I had very damaged nails and this product conditions the nails and cuticles very well and the file is phenomenal, the best I've found and I've tried a lot of files for buffing. The kit seems a little pricey, but it has worked for me
    and I consider it a good value.

  • TampaPro – 4/5 Stars

    I almost ruined my nails with gel
    polishes by not giving them a break for about two years straight. They were extremely thin and splitting vertically into the quick so far that I had to cut them as short as possible to avoid any possible snag which would have been very painful. I saw this product and decided to try it. It has been about two months of faithful adherence to the routine and my nails are finally growing stronger and healthier. I’m sure letting my nails grow out is helping but my nails look healthier than they have ever looked so I attribute that to the nail treatment. Thumbs up.

  • ST – 5/5 Stars

    Love this product. Seems to be working great.

  • Jmanguno1 – 5/5 Stars

    Nails look great

  • Kristin Milosevich – 5/5 Stars

    This nail system has been a go to tool for me in addressing ridges and strength. I love it and use it weekly. Highly recommended!

  • betty whitt – 5/5 Stars

    Very simple, painless and effective.

  • MizWillowWisp80 – 5/5 Stars

    I can tell you for sure that I have tried everything to once again have healthy nails and this is the only one that did the job.

  • Patric Farrar – 5/5 Stars

    I have for the first time in my 72 years have nails that are strong healthy and long. I have used many products in protein attempts to have healthy nails. Dr Dana is the first one that has surprised, amazed and pleased. Hope it becomes available again soon.

  • goodreader – 4/5 Stars

    This product is expensive, but works. Really improves the look of my nails and I don’t feel the need to cover them with polish as much.

  • k.r. – 4/5 Stars

    Came quickly. Ive been using about 1 months. My nails have never been stronger.